Sichuan Chuanxin Chemical Co., Ltd.

Sichuan Chuanxin Chemical Co., Ltd.
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  • Contact Person:Ms.Luo
  • Tel:86-838-2222371
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  • Province/state:Sichuan

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Si Chuan ChuanXin Chemical Co., Ltd, is a private manufacturer of phosphate serial products. Since establish -ED in 1995, we have been focusing on manufactur ing and advancing the technologies for about a decade. As a result of this specialization, we soon became acknowled-ged as a highly reputable, competitive supplier of phosphor us chemi -cals.

We want to help our custo- mers to be successful in the competitive market by providin -g the best products, the most efficient logistics and the hi -ghest service levels. In order to achieve this goal, our pro -ducts are under strict quality control system. our sales tea -m are empowered, responsive, reliable and professional and our capacity is powerful(annual output is 20, 000T of sodium phosphate, 10, 000T of Ammonium phosphate, 1000 -0T of potassium phosphate. ).

But above all we like to think that we are people with whom other people enjoy doing business. It's not a matter of how large our plants are or how many products we can manufac -true, it's more about intangibles like honesty, trust, affinity friendliness and openness that differentiate the Si Chuan ChuanXin Chemical Co., Ltd from its competitors.

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